28 diciembre, 2016

No Faith, No Hope, No Trust

The necessity that countries require, that each citizen complies with their compromise of responsibility.

With each renewal of political authority in the conduction of the democratic countries, society awaits changes according to the will of the majority, expressed with the popular vote, but avoiding the responsibility of their contribution. 

The community as a whole awaits improvements in working conditions, remuneration, education, health policies, transportation and life in general. 

Some have faith, others have hope, and others have confidence. Faith is a religious concept, it is a theological virtue, by which, without seeing, we believe the truths of religion. It’s not applicable to the reality of a country. Hope is hoping to get something, its a state of mind, in which we are presented as possible what we desire is based on a logical reasoning of the possible, while trust has a stronger sense of security in that something can be achieved or attained. However, none of these concepts is sufficient to generate the change that is intended. 

images-6A particular characteristic of our mistaken concept of freedom is that all our problems have always been the fault of others and never caused by our own inability to develop and strengthen the institutions of the democratic system that would allow us to overcome the difficulties. We prefer to conserve a life of scarcity before we make the effort to change to a committed and responsible effort. It is one of the deceits in which society lives which impedes improving our quality of life. This comfortable lack of recognition perpetuates nonconformity and condemns to failure the growth of society as a whole.

Under that understanding, the expression, “Do not ask what your country can do for you for you ask what you can do for your country”, by J.F. Kennedy in 1961 makes sense.

The defense of freedom and democracy is a permanent confrontation with conformism and the comfort of not assuming our own citizen responsibilities. It is the permanent struggle against faith, hope, and confidence that the solution of evils is deposited in the other.

The phrase, “England expects that every man will do his duty,” by Admiral Nelson, prior to the historic naval battle of Trafalgar should be applied more often, as it means that every community requires that every citizen fulfills his commitment of responsibility. A. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina. December 2016.

Translated by Sofia Laura Fasciolo

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